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of your profits?

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Sales 419,232.50$

Recoup 36,094.00$

Rate +8.61%

+ 0 %

Sales 425,396.86$

Recoup 34,650.00$

Rate +8.15%

+ 0 %

Sales 2,754,709.72$

Recoup 53,713.00$

Rate +1.95%

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Sales 3,137,853.90$

Recoup 58,773.00$

Rate +1.87%

You may not know this, but…

Your money is sitting in Amazon’s vault right now. Great for them, less so for you.

The money that you could be using to grow your business?
Not available.

Buried in the trillion-dollar corporation’s deep, deep pockets. It shouldn’t be this way.

We find it, we claim it, you get it

without violating any Amazon regulations

Invoicing Errors

Shortages, Pricing discrepancies,
Direct fulfillment invoices,
C2FO Discount.


PO on-time accuracy,
Product Prep and Packaging

CoOp Fees

Damage allowances,
Vendor Discount,
Freight allowances

Inventory accuracy

Receiving issues,
Product Returns.

Amazon is a competitive field,
and you’re always on your best game.

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and we actually mean it

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Nothing to lose, everything to gain. You only pay if we win the case.  100% risk-free.

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